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desultory objects - 2001 onwards

An on-going series of 'take-away' postcards, concerning relationships between readers and writers, texts and images, givers and receivers. The project, which is perhaps better described as an anti-project (in that it has no foreseeable end) has an intermittent temporality driven by the happenstance of lived experience, in which chance encounters take on the significance of events through a process of synchronicity. The circumstantial components of each of these eventful experiences is represented by a postcard which together form the series. Each postcard acts as a compressed document of the greater story it represents.


The postcards are presented in exhibition contexts with purpose-made shelves, plinths or ‘dispensers’ which become sculptural forms, as and when the postcards are taken or distributed.


READER D.O_1 front&back.jpg
desultory object 1: reader (2001)
WRITER D.O_2 front&back.jpg
desultory object 2: writer (2004)
Return of Reader D.O_3 front&back.jpg
desultory object 3: return of the reader (2004)
desultory object 4: write test (2008)
Write Test D.O_4 front& back.jpg
desultory object 5: 2words pt1 (2010)
2Words D.O_5 pt1 front&back.jpg
desultory object 5: 2words pt2 (2010)
2Words D.O_5 pt2 front&back.jpg
paulclaire silhouette.jpg
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