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V A M R. Norma Mangione Gallery. 1Turin.

voyage around my room

The origin of Voyage Around My Room was Becky Beasley’s interest in Casa Mollino, an apartment in Turin which Carlo Mollino, a Turinese architect, designer and photographer, bought in 1960 and spent the remaining years of his life decorating. He never lived in the apartment; it was intended as a kind of afterlife tomb. For Beasley, the apartment offered a very rich, three-dimensional space through which to think more deeply about her existing interests in photography, colour and interiors.

Voyage Around My Room is a book which Mollino knew and appreciated. Its precocious self-reflexivity and unpredictability, reminiscent of Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, would clearly have appealed to Mollino’s own flamboyant literary style. Its use of deviation produces a fragmentary reading experience in which the ‘qualities of consciousness are recessive, and operate in flashes, in explosions of insight. 

This curated exhibition explored these explosions of insights and provided a generous context in which the boundaries of all of the works included became elaborated and expanded. The room is of course a very human construction. Voyage Around My Room was intended as an experience through which the possibilities of these spaces were explored.

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