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Collaboration and conflict in the making of a group-based Creative Process Journal for a ‘real world’ student art exhibition

Abstract: This paper reports on a specific case study considering the use of a group creative process journal (CPJ) in the subject area of art and design. It places the case study in the broader field of a research project considering a range of approaches to creative processes and their documentation. Both the case study and the broader research project are particularly concerned with the tension between the development of creativity and the requirements of assessment within art and design higher education. We discuss our approach to research methods in terms of our broader field of enquiry, and raise the importance of student participation as active research agents, and in relation to their evaluation of their experience in the case study presented. 


paper published in

'Social purpose and creativity - integrating learning in the real world'

Articles from the Learning and Teaching Conference


Centre for Learning and Teaching

University of Brighton



full pdf of paper here:            



full publication here:

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student 'dimmer switch' questionnaire (pseudo) data collation chart
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