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demands of the diagram

journal of visual art practice - special issue

(vol 20, no 3) 


guest edited by Claire Scanlon


The pdf below is the original manuscript for the introductory article for a special issue of Journal of Visual Art Practice, entitled ‘Demands of the Diagram’ guest edited by Claire.


It addresses the work of the other six artists contributing to the journal, who explore different aspects of the ‘diagram’ at the intersection of history, philosophy, science, semiotics and art, in relation to their own and others’ creative practices.


 Considering emerging themes of embodiment, evolution and ethics, it situates these with reference to C. S. Peirce and his theory of creative abduction.


In conclusion the work of Isabelle Stengers is called upon to argue for the diagram as a commons, where heterogenous knowledges might co-create, helping to make us fit to respond to the demands of our time.

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