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corbynomics (2019)
Paul Mason speaking at Corbynomics event, with banner backdrop
Working collaboratively with a group of artist friends who were likewise inspired by the reinvention of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn, we undertook to design a banner graphic and 'take-away' postcard for use at a well-attended Labour Party event at Lewes Town Hall entitled 'Corbynomics: A Day Exploring How to Re-build Britain'.

Following an extensive workshop process lasting several months we ended up with a response drawing on a four-set Edwards-Venn diagram structure to present key ideas from emerging Corbyn and McDonnell policy - and in practice many of these ideas did indeed find their way into the popular 2019 election manifesto.

One iteration of the diagram was a large stage banner which served as visual backdrop to the impressive line-up of key speakers at the event. The other version was a 'take-away' postcard, placed on delegates' seats, which offered our vision of Corbynomics on one side and invited participants to devise their own on the reverse.

The Edwards-Venn format was subsequently re-worked for a series of 'ism' mugs, featuring Neoliberalism, Populism and Managerialism. The Managerialism mug works especially well as a conversation starter in union/management meetings, with its central legend 'fuckwit bosses'.

19-05-19 final postcard front&back.png
take-away Corbynomics postcard, front and back
'ism' mug series
managerialism mug mock-up.png
r-w populism mug mock-up.png
neoliberalism mug mock-up.png
paulclaire silhouette.jpg
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