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Network Drawing – A Meta-Learning Tool?


Springing forth…this paper outlines our creative enquiry into the drawing game Network Drawing, considering its potential application as a meta-learning tool for group work. We offer a brief history of the development and application of the game in our creative practice, teaching and beyond. We describe our ethos and evolving research methodology, pointing speculatively to a web of relevant theory. We then report on our workshop activity at conference and debate questions arising from the experience and feedback gathered. Reflecting on this we consider the use and value of the term meta-learning and contextualise the workshop experience and feedback in relation to the term. Lastly we offer an invitation to those interested to play the game with others and to reflectively engage with the developing network of participant researchers interested in this practice. This is very much a work-in-progress, and long may it remain so…

in Evolving Experiences - Articles from the Learning and Teaching Conference 2013

Falmer, University of Brighton

Links to full article and accompanying prezi here:

colour netword drawing.jpg

Network Drawing Workshop outcome

Learning and Teaching Conference, University of Brighton, 2013

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